Women are still significantly underrepresented in the digital sector and in coding schools where they represent only 5 to 8 percent of the students.

Society continues to attach masculine stereotypes to web programming professions, which influences the choices of academic and professional guidance! Parents, teachers and advisers are encouraging girls less than boys to enter web programming and digital technical professions. Additionally, by lack of encouragement, identification figures, or role models, girls do not always view a field perceived as belonging to men as a field they could enter.


As if Ada Lovelace, Hedy Lamarr, and Grace Hopper had never existed!

At Simplon, we made the promise from the beginning to achieve parity between men and women in our cohorts.

To achieve this, we are experimenting with and deploying pre-qualification and orientation programs for women as well as raising awareness and dedicating sourcing. We also organize events, advocate with our prescribing partners and companies we work with. Last but not least, we raise awareness of the issue of equality between men and women so that our trainees feel at ease in our trainings!



  • Train 50% women in digital technology professions;
  • Help companies recruit more women developers;
  • Enable women to rediscover the central role they played until the 1980s in the development of computer science.


Do you want to support our actions in favor of parity between men and women in the digital sector? Do you want to organize a training dedicated to recruiting female developers to your teams? Contact us!

Our projects


6 weeks


Thanks to the support of the SNCF Foundation, we have experimented with a pre-qualification, remobilization and orientation program for women – the #Hackeuses program!

As part of this program, 40 hackers were introduced to the culture and techniques of the digital sector. In addition to the classes, they met inspiring and inspired professionals, and learned to build a strong professional network.

At the end of the program, 27 hackers applied for Simplon trainings – only 8 were prepared for qualified training in web development at the start of the program!


6 weeks


#MISSCODE is a program run by the French company Leboncoin and Simplon on the same model as #Hackeuses.

For 6 weeks, trainees will acquire a solid understanding of tech culture, explore the notions of digital identity and personal data, learn to master the digital tools of project management, and learn the basics of programming. #Misscode also includes meeting with professionals and visits to key places of the digital sector.


At the end of the training, Leboncoin will select certain #misscodes to join their teams of developers as part of an alternating professionalization contract.


The Simplon Foundation and its partners, the SNCF Foundation, the ManpowerGroup Foundation, and Orange decided to launch the Call for Makeuses Projects with the support of SimplonLab. This program aims to support:


  • Women wishing to use digital skills for their own projects with social impacts
  • Any project promoter wishing to work towards the feminisation of the digital sector through dedicated actions and projects.


Stay tuned for announcements regarding future Makeuses programming.

They testify

“This training was for me a very beautiful experience that allowed me to (re)discover the digital world. I met great people from professionals in the field to other participants to the training. I was able to get hands on experience thanks to the different workshops (programming, connected objects, etc.) and discovered some great places that I would not have been able to visit without Simplon. This experience was very rewarding and confirmed my desire to become a web developer. I discovered a more open, free universe with more possibilities and a different way of thinking. I realized that women have their place in this environment and that they have had an important role since the beginning of the Internet. I strongly recommend this experience to all, whether you are already attracted to this field of work or just curious. Go ahead!” 


“The training allowed me to confirm my desire to be a web developer, while giving me the tools, the network and the strength to get there.

I continued with a long web development training at Simplon and I am now employed as a developper!

We have stayed in touch with the Hackeuses group, and we even have several ongoing projects like setting up our digital agency or creating an online magazine.

With Hackeuses, I coded, learned, and had very wonderful encounters! »


Our team

Camille Meier

Major projects manager