Simplon.AUF@Dakar opens its doors in March 2018. This is the second Senegalese factory for Simplon. This is the result of a new partnership with the University Agency of the Francophonie (AUF) and the Société Générale Foundation. The training takes place in Dakar, in the C-Neuf’s locals: the campus of the New Francophone university space of the AUF.


Simplon.AUF@Dakar proposes trainings to be digital adviser which take place over 7 months; 6 months in school and a one-month internship. It’s a free vocational training which targets young people without employment, as well as women, who are underepresented in the digital sector.

This training was really successful since 800 applications were collected. Following the recruitment process 26 trainees were selected with perfect parity since 13 women and 13 men are composing the first cohort of Simplon.AUF@Dakar !