Who are we ?

We are a network of social digital factories in France and abroad. We have trained more than 2000 trainees in the digital sector since 2013.

We are a social business. We want to make the digital sector a place of inclusion and to reveal talents among groups underrepresented in this field.

We also advise companies in their digital transformation and  create their websites and applications.

Our convictions

The digital sector is everywhere, but its language is not always natural or innate. The fracture between those who speak and manipulate it and those who don’t is striking. That’s why we want to make coding accessible to everybody.


Today our trainees live in the Meuse, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Aulnay, or even Romania. Our trainees are refugees, adolescents marginalized by the school system, children, long term job-seekers, or employees in reconversion.


And tomorrow they will be web developers, trainers, digital project managers, entrepreneurs, etc.

A brief story


The great Simplon adventure began in 2013 with Frédéric Bardeau, Andrei Vladescu-Olt, and Erwan Kezzar. Inspired by the first Bootcamps blooming all over the Silicon Valley, they dreamed of a more inclusive and French version with more and more recruits from different backgrounds and territories. The local Montreuil factory was quickly requisitioned and refurbished and the first cohort, reunited 30 people from 17 nationalities, began in October.

simplon premiers jours

Simplon began developing outside of Montreuil and factories started to grow in priority in rural areas of France thanks to a successful first round of financing and investing. We were then authorized to issue the Professional Qualification Certificate “New Technology Developer”.

At the same time, Simplon expanded its activities with the creation of Simplon Prod, the digital manufacturing solidarity workshop for ESS shareholders and the Simplon foundation, its philanthropic branch accommodated by Face.

This is the beginning of our international development. After the opening of the Romania factory in 2014, we then expanded to Brussels, Lebanon, Ivory Coast, and South Africa. Shortly after, France Active (via SIFA), la Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC), Phitrust, INCO, Aviva, Crédit Coopératif (via ESFIN), Amundi, and Mirova became financial partners of Simplon. 

With our new partners, we expanded our activities and began doubling our workforce.

simplon time line 20162017

Our engagements

Social and Solidarity

We are a social business with strong commitments in terms of limited profitability, participating governance, and wage differentials. Here, the employees at the top cannot earn more than 10 times the SMIC, and 7 times the SMIC of the 5 highest salaries. Simplon.co supports associations, solidarity project promoters, or NGOs to develop and digitalize. We are also members of the group Sociétés Coopératives d’Intérêt Collectif (SCIC) carrying out solidarity projects such as le label Emmaüs, the online shop of the Emmaus network, or MedNum, the cooperative actors of digital mediation who work daily for an evermore inclusive digital society. Our ESS ecosystem also includes:

  • Ashoka: member of the network since 2015, we work to enrich cooperation between network members, to promote the use of digital services in the network, and to build together a “French Tech of social innovation”.
  • La France S’Engage: winners of the first promotion in 2014, we work to make sure that the foundation is recognized as being a public utility and we are now on the project selection committee.

Mouves: in addition to being a member since its creation, Frédéric Bardeau, the president and co-founder of Simplon, is a member of this bureau.

A participatory governance

  • a Stakeholders Council bringing together Simplon.co’s key partners from local communities, businesses, state services, professional branches and their OPCAs, Simplon.co factory project leaders, employee representatives, and alumnis;
  • an Enlarged Executive Community (COMEX) which brings together all employees of Simplon.co (Impact Units, centers of expertise, and the whole team) with the executive co-founders and general managers.
  • A Strategic Committee composed of Simplon.co shareholders; external actors not involved in operational or shareholder management, such as the Accompanying Committee (CODAX) and the Enlarged Executive Community (COMEX) of the Simplon Foundation.

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The information collected on this form is stored in a computer file by Simplon.co for census information requests. They are kept for 10 years and are intended for Simplon.co’s territorial divisions in France and abroad, as well as the Training, Engineering and Partnerships department. In accordance with French digital law, you can exercise your right to access your data and have it rectified by contacting: Simplon.co – 55 Rue de Vincennes – 93 100 Montreuil