Simplon Access

Disability affects 12 million people in France and it is « invisible » in 80% of cases. Today, it is a prevalent factor in the inequality of unemployment: people with disabilities are twice as likely to be unemployed.


Simplon Access is a new program aimed at promoting inclusion and professional integration of people with disabilities through training in the digital technical professions. We are now offering the program to people with disorders on the Autism Spectrum. We wish to develop a specific and relevant approach for each type of disability and adapt our training to promote the integration and learning of these atypical but talented individuals. Our goal is to enable anyone to enter the professional world by offering them adapted learning and work environments.

Our projects


Our program for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders:


Pilot project for the integration of trainees with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the 8th cohort in Montreuil in 2017, with the support of Euroclear and the Orange Foundation.


For 2018 and 2019, we are looking for new partners to support us in the deployment of this project. We want to replicate the experience on a larger scale, with a goal of welcoming new trainees with Autism Spectrum Disorders to our factories in Île-de-France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Occitanie at first, then to the rest of our territories.



Emmanuel Le Pevedic

Simplon Access Officer