Simplon Prod is our digital manufacturing workshop. Created in 2015, its portfolio accounts over 100 digital projects and it supported more than 30 social businesses through long-term partnerships with NGOs such as AFEV or ZEP as well as with corporate clients such as GRDF or AG2R La Mondiale.


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“Talk is cheap. Show me the code.” – Linus Torvald

Our history, values and missions

Simplon Prod is a digital manufacturing workshop which is a part of Simplon. Created in April 2015, SimplonProd is firmly in the DNA of digital skills as a powerful lever for inclusion and social transformation.

Indeed, more than half of our team is composed of developers from our trainings who can rely on the supervision of experienced developers to enable them to continue their progress in the best conditions and provide quality assurance to all our customers.

Based in Montreuil, they are 15 developers from all horizons with varied and complementary skills (PHP, Javascript…) in phase with the languages taught in our training courses but especially in phase with reality and the local needs. They are also working very closely with several Simplon production units anchored in other areas (Occitania, Auvergne Rhône Alpes, Reunion, etc.) who are continuing their development and who can provide a local response in their regions.

Our priority mission is to support, advice and equip via digital solutions the structures of social businessesNevertheless, we are open to all types of technical and technological challenges that could enable us to learn and progress by discovering new themes for which we would be proud to bring ours experiences and technical culture.

Our approach

We offer tailored support by trying to be as inclusive as possible in the managing of our projects. We believe that communication and collaboration between the members of our team and the client is paramount. To encourage continuous improvements throughout our projects, our processes are based on agile approaches

Thus, if necessary, we can separate the design and production phase and bring you our expertise at different times. We know how to listen and adapt to the complexity of projects while proposing the development of specific modules and the creation of tailor-made custom themes based on a solid experience in all web technologies (html, css, php, javascript).

In terms of design, we work directly with designers and experts in UX (user experience) integrated into the project team. All our sites have an optimized display for desktop, tablet and mobile (responsive webdesign). In addition, the project is based on the belief that digital skills are a powerful lever of inclusion; the conformity of all our web projects to the digital accessibility standard (RGAA), at least to level A, is therefore a priority.

Our offer

Our experience and our skills (and also because we are open and curious) allow us to offer a solution adapted to different digital needs:

  • Websites (via PHP / Laravel) +
  • Web applications (JS / Meteor React) +
  • Mobile Apps (JS / Meteor React / React Native) +
  • Prototyping (PHP / JS) +
  • Advice
  • Digital accompaniment +

But also:

  • IoT (Connected Objects)
  • Data
  • Security

Our accumulated experience now allows us to provide you with precise answers. Here are some examples of specificities encountered during our projects (and which could serve you):

  • Geocoding / Reverse Geocoding
  • Interactive maps
  • Electronic signature management
  • Automatic generation of reports in docx / xlsx / pdf format
  • Push notifications (email, sms)
  • Public Store Deployment for Android / In-House Deployment for IOS
  • Electronic management via Sigfox / Arduino usage and sending data to a centralized server managed by Simplon
  • Intelligent search engine with scoring and self-learning algorithms to display the most relevant results
  • Chatbot
  • Single Sign On with the SI client

Professional, social, responsible and ... solidarity workshop!

For social and solidarity-based projects that meet the same values that we share at Simplon, we also propose solidarity-based pricing that is geared to the often tighter budgets in social businesses. 

We also have set up a solidarity program (Digit’ESS) to allow specific support for the projects we believe in (expertise, co-financing, production, etc.). Feel free to access the details of the program via our website