Simplon pursues its expansion in Europe with the opening in April 2018 of the first factory in Spain, in Barcelona. This factory is the result of a partnership with Factoria F5, the first digital solidarity and inclusive school in the country. The goal of Factoria F5 is similar to Simplon’s:  use digital transformation as a tool  to offer opportunities to audiences underrepresented in the digital sector.


Factoria F5 proposes trainings in web development which take place over 7 months; 6 months in school and a 1 month internship. It’s a free vocational training which targets young people without employment, as well as women, who are underepresented in the digital sector. Factoria F5’s first cohort, which started in April 2018, includes 30% women and 10% people over 40 years old.

Factoria F5 aims to:

  • offer new opportunities in the digital sector by providing free intensive and innovative training adapted to vulnerable people
  • bridge the digital gap between citizens
  • support local social businesses in their digital transformation