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Simplon Corp is a team dedicated to the following of employees in the cultural integration of digital technology and in the development of their digital skills, in order to make them actors in the digitalisation of their company.

Our offers - acculturation and reconversion

Digital acculturation: demystifying digital through practice

Simplon Corp offers acculturation workshops on digital practices and tools. Introductory sessions on programming, code culture, agile management method or electronic prototyping are also proposed. The idea is not to train experts but to arouse curiosity and give keys to understanding computer thinking.

Business training : to be trained to a job in the heart of the digital sector

In co-construction with Human Resources Departments and CIOs, Simplon Corp offers alternating vocational trainings for employees wishing to participate in the digital transformation of their company. Several standards and certifications are available: web developer, software developer, tester, for periods ranging from 6 to 10 months, and many others can be put in place.

Trey trusted us

Reconversion of La Poste group’s employes to web development

During 9 months, these 19 employees followed a certifying training course which took place at the DSI home La Poste Group and our Montreuil factory. In total, they had benefit from 630 hours of training on code programming (Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, ANGULAR…). We previously had a first cohort which had obtained at the end of their training in July 2017 a certification of the professional title Software Developer level III.

Digital acculturation : seminar sessions for managers

SimplonCorp accompanied by our SimplonLab, led a seminar for RTE (Electricity Transport Network) managers from Île-de-France and Basse-Normandie  areas, dedicated to the impact of digital technology in evolution of trades.

Objective of the exercise: demystify the code  and make some human-robot interaction! On digital stands set up by Simplon Lab, the participants were able to manipulate technologies already present in their companies: sensors, 3D printers, drones, etc. SimplonCorp also led working groups exploring the impact of digital technology in RTE manager’s various industrial activities.

Accompany the agile transformation for Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton’s ISD (information system department) is undergoing an agile transformation. To support change management, Simplon Corp organizes half-days and introductory days of Scrum method for ISD employees. Three sessions have already taken place.

The program: explanation of the main principles of agility and Scrum methodology, testimonies of teams working with agile method and animation of a serious game « Lego For Scrum » (realized with Scrum organization), adapting the rules of internal functioning with the agile method.

Learning expedition digital upskilling, for L’Oréal Operations

SimplonCorp has plunged 30 « L’Oréal Operations » managers (the group’s industrial branch) into the Paris digital innovation ecosystem for a short week.
During 4 days participants immersed themselves in the world of Fablabs, discovered the artificial intelligence, the Internet of the objects but also new methods of work inherited from other digital companies and the keys to better interact with startups. Visits of social businesses, meetings with startupers, sharing their experience with another industrial group, prototyping workshop, introduction to electronics: participants have not stopped! The goal: demystify the digital revolution for them to be enlightened actors!


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